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            Excellent BLD Employees by Your Side | Refresh Yourself and Every Day is the First Day

            2022-11-25 17:00:00

            There is such a group of people, they are always full of enthusiasm, with sweat and footprints, beliefs and original intentions, to practice their dreams and create value. In their ordinary positions, extraordinary and powerful forces burst forth.

            In the BLD family, "Honesty, Gratitude, Love, Loyalty, Responsibility, Responsibility" are their characteristics. "Towards Excellence, Detail-oriented" is their service philosophy as always. In society, they carry forward the positive energy of volunteering and caring for public welfare. In their work, they always put "Products and Services Focus on Customer Needs" in the first place with the self-requirement of "Standardized Service, Globalized Standards". In the team, they are the best interpretation of "Common Efforts for Common Success", passing on the value pursuit of "innovation, Breakthrough, Cooperation, Integrity, Efficiency" to everyone around them.

            Thriving development is rooted in employees. Look for excellent role models around you, pay tribute to the upward force, and let beauty take root and sprout together.


            Excellent BLD Employees by Your Side Stories

            Zhang Li

            BLD Lincoln Shaoxing Experience Center

            Training Manager & Showroom Manager

            Refresh yourself, every day is the first day

            As the old saying goes, "The difficulty of ambition is not in overcoming others, but in overcoming oneself." In a long journey, the most difficult opponent to surpass is always yourself. Embracing the challenges, someone is insisting on refreshing herself and treating every day as a new first day. She is Zhang Li, the training manager and showroom manager of BLD Lincoln Shaoxing Experience Center.

            Zhang Li joined the BLD family in 2013, nearly ten years have passed since then. In the face of daily work, she always takes care of everything and leads by example, inspiring colleagues around her with her exemplary leadership as a veteran employee, and setting a good example for the new people in the sales and service department.

            Zhang Li has worked hard with her team to create a more intimate, comfortable and enjoyable car buying experience for customers and bring more ultimate customer service, including showroom process management, show car maintenance, Lincoln Way implementation, key data control and sales funnel analysis. All along, as long as Zhang Li takes over the work, she never fails to complete it efficiently with quality and quantity, and she has won the unanimous praise from the leaders and colleagues with her words and deeds.

            It is not easy to do one thing well, but it is a test of self to take care of two identities. In August this year, due to the business expansion, Zhang Li, who is the showroom manager, also took up the post of training manager, which made the original busy work rhythm become more intense. However, as a senior BLD employee, Zhang Li's professionalism and high sense of responsibility from the inside make her go forward without flinching, and with 100% energy and enthusiasm, she quickly gets started and shines.

            On September 1, the Lincoln brand's highest-ranking sales skills competition arrived as scheduled. Zhang Li, who is the first training manager, took the lead and led the outstanding elites from two departments to participate. Every day, Zhang Li regularly mobilized all the staff to participate in the product knowledge quiz, and gave a comprehensive explanation of the topics that people often got wrong, and gave timely feedback and summary through on-site exercises and simulations to feed the participants. During the competition, Zhang Li made good use of her free time to learn and improve, and worked steadily with her buddies to overcome difficulties. In the end, Lin Zengfeng, the chief consultant and Zhang Libo, the service engineer of BLD Lincoln Shaoxing Experience Center, successfully advanced to the East Region Competition and achieved a good ranking.

            Since she took over the training work, insight into this product competition, training product process, sales process, and always pay attention to the mindset of front-line personnel have become the focus of Zhang Li's work; using small video multimedia resources for self-improvement, and exchange and sharing with colleagues from other BLD Experience Center are important ways of self-learning. In the regional training of Lincoln Academy in October, Zhang Li also won the honorary title of "2022 Lincoln Academy Internal Training Star of the Month" in the eastern region, and was selected as the monthly dedication star of October in BLD Lincoln Shaoxing Experience Center in the same month.

            If teachers are the engineers of human souls, corporate trainers are the guardians of employees' careers. Preaching and receiving, creating a virtuous ecology of sustainable development of knowledge and skills, and continuing to pass on the bright spark for the future of the enterprise. When it comes to training, Zhang Li is full of confidence, she firmly believes that the training manager is like a locomotive, under the joint efforts of herself and this group of active and enterprising partners in the Experience Center, more and more excellent and outstanding BLD people will emerge, pushing the train farther and farther.

            From a quietly paying finance staff to a busy planning internal staff, from a customer service showroom manager to an excellent training manager, the identity behind the comfortable switch is the best reflection of Zhang Li's deep understanding of the industry after nearly 10 years of growth and improvement in BLD, and is also the interpretation and reflection of BLD's "Day one, every day is the first day" corporate spirit.

            Focus on the needs of users and constantly innovate products and services. BLD is continuing to create development space for employees and enjoy a high quality life for more and more customers with its meticulous and attentive approach.

            Striving for the trickle, set sail for the ideal life. The temperature of BLD is also the epitome of all kinds of cultivators. They all have a common distance called beauty. Those who fly to the moon are not afraid of the dark night, those who seek fragrance are not afraid of thorns, and those who embrace life will never lack a stage. We believe that every sincere investment and every shining contribution will be seen.

            Solicitation: BLD Human Resource Center

            Source: Hu Fei,Bao Yongfang, BLD Lincoln Shaoxing Experience Center

            Editor: BLD Brand Culture Department


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